Xbox CEO wants to see Call of Duty on Nintendo Switch

Is Activision’s Call of Duty coming to Nintendo Switch? Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer might be hinting on that.

In a social media post, Spencer states he would “love to see [Call of Duty] on the Switch” and wants to “treat [the game] like Minecraft.”

Spencer opens up about the possibility of Call of Duty following the same route as Minecraft being available on every platform possible. “I’d love to see the game playable on many different screens. … This opportunity is really about mobile for us. When you think about 3 billion people playing video games, there’s only about 200 million households on console.” the Xbox CEO added.

However, Phil Spencer reassures users that Call of Duty still remains on PlayStation. There is no confirmation on the matter, either.

Just recently, Jim Ryan of Sony pinned Xbox’s deal to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation three years after Sony’s contract with Activision Blizzard expires.

Phil Spencer has yet to confirm how long will it keep Call of Duty on the platform.

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