Paranormal Tales is a new bodycam horror game that will send shivers down your spine.

Are you ready to get spooked yet this Halloween? Paranormal Tales will do it for you!

Paranormal Tales is an upcoming psychological horror game inspired by the Blair Witch project with a unique perspective twist. Get ready to experience a first-person adventure through the lens of a body camera, providing you a more creepy and claustrophobic view of your surroundings!

Built with Unreal Engine 5, Paranormal Tales is created by two friends who happen to share the same initials, P.T. The game consists of different chapters posing as found footage films obtained by the group “Paranormal Tales Committee.”

Here, you will step into the shoes of the person with the bodycam and experience the reality of horror and eeriness yourself.

The developers of the game says that they will definitely include anxiety, spiders, and a lot of nervous breakdowns and jump scares.

However, there is no release window for Paranormal Tales yet. Although, you can find it on Steam and include it to your wishlist.

For the mean time, check out the trailer for Paranormal Tales below and see a terrifying glimpse of the game’s horror that will definitely send shivers down your spine.

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