Is Splatoon 3 Big Run happening soon?

This week on Splatoon 3’s Splatsville Square, a mysterious mode called “Big Run” is on everybody’s mind.

For those who don’t know about it, Big Run is a real, announced game in Splatoon 3.

It is briefly mentioned in a Nintendo Direct, introducing an event that will happen “once every few months” where Salmonids invade Splatoon 3’s PvP maps.

But this event has yet to come, which leads the Splatoon 3 community, both in-game and on social media, into drawing conspirary theories on whether Big Run is finally happening spontaneously on a Halloween weekend!

Just a disclaimer: there is no evidence of Big Run happening soon.

However, many fans have deduced that Big Run might be possible based on the fact that there has been no Halloween-themed Splatfest in precious Splatoon games.

The last Splatfest was launched back in late September and a Pokemon-themed one set to be released mid-November is under wraps.

One predominant theory on the lack of an October Splatfest guesses that Nintendo still works on adjusting Splatoon 3’s behind-the-scenes after the complaints of connection issues were raised among players in the previous Splatfest, as well as low exposure rate for the latest Tricolor Turf War mode due to imbalances among teams.

At any rate, Splatoon fans are having the time of their lives sharing Big Run conspiracies, be it on community posts or social media memes. Some even made fan-edits of Splatcast announcing Halloween Big Run!

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